Aren’t we all a little bit afraid?

Living the life I want requires facing fear, everyday.  Fear of failure.  Fear of losing.  Fear of not having.  Fear of having.  Fear of eating too much, drinking too much, saying too much.  Not saying enough.  Fear of letting others down, not doing enough, not making enough, not accomplishing enough.  Not parenting well enough, parenting too much.  Loving too much or not enough or the wrong people.  Fear of being vulnerable of letting you see me.  The irony is we are all afraid of many of the same things, of each other, but we don’t talk about it, for fear of others knowing we are human, that we are afraid.  And if we really take a few minutes to think about what stops us from doing almost anything, eating one more…fill in the blank…saying what we really mean, getting a new job, riding a motorcycle, telling our partner we don’t like the way they eat that sandwich or the way they don’t listen…it is all because we are in fear.

In my job I spend a good deal of time coaching people through the various issues in their life.  I have realized over the years that so many people hide so much and we are all trying to fool each other into believing the facade.  But deep down, many of us are hiding the same things and if we could all just have the space and give ourselves permission to open up we would see that you are me, and I am you, and I can finally stop pretending and face my fear.
I aspire for this to be a space for people to post their fears, and lets talk about it.  Whether it is jumping out of an airplane, quitting your job, using a public bathroom, commitment, love, success, overeating…it all induces a similar feeling – our bodies hardly distinguish.
After all, “Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth”- Pema Chodron
– however if we don’t acknowledge our fear we will never realize that truth.  And a what a pity that could be.

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