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Ninja Buddha Farmer – This title may give you the wrong impression – I am not in a basement playing dungeons and dragons or Magic, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue where to begin with those games – I am probably just like you, a parent, spouse, employee, sibling, foodie (in the super nerdy source my food and butcher it with friends way). But mostly I am a human being in this world trying to do my best to find peace and happiness, and spread some along the way. I try to stealthily live my life in a way that has the most positive impact on those around me as possible, I see all beings as the one, we all want to be safe, healthy, happy and free – we all are trying to do our best to live in this world. I try to live and teach *as my job* the middle way, the mindful way. Through mindfulness and subsequent self awareness I have changed my life. Growing up in a poor home with two addict parents I could have gone down another path – but here I am.

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